29-05-2020 PHYSIOLGY EEG - SLEEP Prof.Dr.S.Mitti Mohan Click here
29-05-2020 BIOCHEMSITRY Cerebrospinal Fluid(CSF) Dr.N.Asha Kiran Click here
29-05-2020 ANATOMY Development of CNS Dr.K.Sushma Click here
28-05-2020 PHYSIOLGY Spotters discussion Dr.R.Padmaja Click here
28-05-2020 BIOCHEMSITRY Summary epidemiology of cancer Prof.Dr.V.A.R.Satyanarayana Click here
28-05-2020 ANATOMY Basal ganglia & Limbic Lobe Prof.Dr.K.P.S.Adinarayana Click here
27-05-2020 PHYSIOLGY Describe and discuss physiology of aging;free radicals and Antioxidants-II Mr.S.Jayabalakrishnan Click here
27-05-2020 BIOCHEMSITRY SGOT and SGPT Dr.C.Vamsi Krishna Click here
27-05-2020 ANATOMY Submandibular region;Submandibular gland Mrs.B.Indira Devi Click here
26-05-2020 PHYSIOLGY Demonstrate the correct clinical examination of the II Dr.A.V.Suresh Babu Click here
26-05-2020 BIOCHEMSITRY Advantages and disadvantages of trans fats in foods Dr.J.Sudha Rani Click here
26-05-2020 ANATOMY Temporomandibular joint Dr.N.Nagabhushnam Click here
25-05-2020 Biochemistry Transalation & post translation modifications Prof.Dr.N.Rama Krishna Click here
25-05-2020 Anatomy Temporal fossa,infra temporal fossa & mandible Mrs.K.Jyothirmayi Click here
25-05-2020 Physiology ECG Calculations Dr.G.Himavathy Click here
22-05-2020 Biochemistry Estimation of Alkaline Phosphatase Dr.N.Asha Kiran Click here
22-05-2020 Anatomy NA-Diencephalon Prof.Dr.K.P.S.Adinarayana Click here
22-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss structure and functions of Reticular activating system & sleep Prof.Dr.Karuna Devi Click here
21-05-2020 Biochemistry Glycemic index,energy calculations in food items Dr.C.Vamsi Krishna Click here
21-05-2020 Anatomy NA-Midbrain Prof.Dr.K.P.S.Adinarayana Click here
21-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss pathophysiology of deafness.Describe hearing tests Dr.G.Himavathy Click here
20-05-2020 Biochemistry Estimation of Serum bilirubin Dr.J.Sudha Rani Click here
20-05-2020 Anatomy Gross:Pharynx Mrs.B.Indira Devi Click here
20-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss physiology of aging;free radicals and Antioxidants-I Mr.S.Jayabalakrishnan Click here
19-05-2020 Biochemistry Transcriptional modifications Prof.Dr.N.Rama Krishna Click here
19-05-2020 Anatomy Gross:Larynx Dr.N.Nagabhushnam Click here
19-05-2020 Physiology Physiology of pupil and light reflex Dr.A.V.Suresh Babu Click here
18-05-2020 Biochemistry Apooptosis,Mutagen,cell cycle regulation Prof.Dr.V.A.R.Satyanarayana Click here
18-05-2020 Anatomy Gross:Soft palate Mrs.B.Indira Devi Click here
18-05-2020 Physiology Spotters discussion Dr.R.Padmaja Click here
15-05-2020 Biochemistry Phosphorous Demo Dr.N.Asha Kiran Click here
15-05-2020 Anatomy Emb-Pharyngeal Pouches Dr.K.Sushma Click here
14-05-2020 Physiology Spotters discussion Dr.R.Padmaja Click here
14-05-2020 Biochemistry Biochemical tests in different conditions continuation Nephroticsyndrome,Edema etc.. Dr.C.Vamsikrishna Click here
14-05-2020 Anatomy Gross-Palatine Tonsil Dr.Nagabhushnam Click here
13-05-2020 Physiology Calculation related to Renal system Mr.S.Jayabalakrishnan Click here
13-05-2020 Biochemistry Topic cholesterol & HDL demo Dr.J.Sudha Rani Click here
13-05-2020 Anatomy Topic-NA-Cerebellum Prof.Dr.K.P.S.Adinarayana Click here
12-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss the physiological basis of lesion in visual pathway Dr.A.V.Suresh Babu Click here
12-05-2020 Biochemistry Replication Molecular Biology Prof.Dr.N.Rama Krishna Click here
12-05-2020 Anatomy NA-PONS Prof.Dr.K.P.S.Adinarayana Click here
11-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss Auditory pathway and physiology of hearing-II Dr.G.Himavathy Click here
11-05-2020 Biochemistry Oncogenes Prof.Dr.V.A.R.Satyanarayana Click here
11-05-2020 Anatomy Gross:Thyroid Gland Dr.B.Indira Devi Click here
08-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss the physiological of speech and its abnormalities Prof.Dr.R.Karuna Devi Click here
08-05-2020 Biochemistry Biochemical tests in Different conditions-DM,MI etc.. Dr.C.Vamsi Krishna Click here
08-05-2020 Anatomy Gross:Tongue Dr.N.Nagabhushanam Click here
07-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss the mechanism of fever,cold,injuries and heat stroke Dr.R.Padmaja Click here
07-05-2020 Biochemistry TGL Demo Dr.J.Sudha Rani Click here
07-05-2020 Anatomy Emb:Face & Palate Dr.K.Sushma Click here
06-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss the mechanism of aging Dr.S.Jayabalakrishnan Click here
06-05-2020 Biochemistry Gene Therapy-Molecular Biology Prof.Dr.N.Ramakrishna Click here
06-05-2020 Anatomy Emb:Pharyngeal Apparatus Dr.K.Sushma Click here
05-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss Physiology of version-II Dr.A.V.Suresh Babu Click here
05-05-2020 Biochemistry Tumor Markers Prof.Dr.V.A.R.Satyanarayana Click here
05-05-2020 Anatomy NA:Medulla Oblongata Prof.Dr.K.P.S Adinarayana Click here
04-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss the transduction of sound Dr.G.Himavathy Click here
04-05-2020 Biochemistry Estimation of serum calcium Demo Dr.N.Asha Kiran Click here
04-05-2020 Anatomy NA:Nuclear Organisation of Brainstem Prof.Dr.K.P.S Adinarayana Click here
01-05-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss the adpatation of altered temperature heat and cold Dr.R.Padmaja Click here
01-05-2020 Biochemistry DNA Isolation from Tissue Dr.J.Sudha Rani Click here
01-05-2020 Anatomy Deep cervical fascia Dr.B Indira Devi Click here
30-04-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss Physiology of colour vision and colour blindness Dr.A.V.Suresh Babu Click here
30-04-2020 Biochemistry DNA Replication Prof.Dr.N.Rama Krishna Click here
30-04-2020 Anatomy Lacrimal appartus Dr.N.Nagabhushanam Click here
29-04-2020 Physiology Physiology of Temparture Regulation Dr.R.Padmaja Click here
29-04-2020 Biochemistry Xenobiotic Metobolism-Phase-II Dr.V.A.R Satyanarayana Click here
29-04-2020 Anatomy Orbit & extra muscles Mrs.B.Indira Devi Click here
28-04-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss physiology of vision Dr.A.V.Suresh Babu Click here
28-04-2020 Biochemistry Enzyme immuno Assay Dr.V.A.R Satyanarayana Click here
28-04-2020 Anatomy Suboccipital triangle Dr.N. Nagabhushanam Click here
27-04-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss conduction of sound waves Dr.G.Himavathy Click here
27-04-2020 Biochemistry Autoanalyser & Quality control Dr.C.Vamsi krishna Click here
27-04-2020 Anatomy Muscles of the back Mrs.B.Indira Devi Click here
24-04-2020 Physiology Describe and discuss perception of taste and discuss patho physiology of altered taste sensation Mr S Jayabalakrishnan Click here
24-04-2020 Biochemistry DNA structure & organization Dr.N.Rama Krishna Click here
24-04-2020 Anatomy Assement Mrs.B.Indira Devi Click here
23-04-2020 Physiology Describe the Physiological effects of Meditation Dr.S.Mitti Mohan Click here
23-04-2020 Biochemistry Xenobiotic Metobolism Dr.V A R Satyanarayana Click here
23-04-2020 Anatomy Dural folds & dural venous sinuses Dr. N. Nagabhushanam Click here
22-04-2020 Physiology Describe & Discuss functional anatomy eye physiology of image function Dr.A.V.Suresh Babu Click here
22-04-2020 Biochemistry ELISA Dr.V A R Satyanarayana Click here
22-04-2020 Anatomy Patroid Gland Mrs.B.Indira Devi Click here
21-04-2020 Physiology Physiology of taste & its abnormalities Mr S Jayabalakrishnan Click here
21-04-2020 Biochemistry Functioning of isntruments in Biochemistry Dr.Ch.Vamsi Krishna Click here
21-04-2020 Anatomy FACE Dr.N.Nagabhushanam Click here
20-04-2020 Physiology Thalamus & its abnormalities Dr.G.Himavathi Click here
20-04-2020 Biochemistry DNA isolation from blood Dr.J Sudha Rani Click here
20-04-2020 Anatomy Scalp Mrs.B.Indira Devi Click here