29-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Adrenal gland Dr.P.Aviansh Click here
29-05-2020 OBG & GYNAEC Abnormal labour Dr.D.Marry Manjula Click here
29-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS Review of CNS disorder in children Dr.Sudhansu Kumar Das Click here
28-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Laparoscopic surgery, Robotic surgery, Bariatric surgery Dr.M.Ramyasri Click here
28-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Injuries around knee joint and shaft femur Dr.G.Lakshmi Narayana Click here
28-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE ECG Basics Prof.Dr.V.Dharma Rao Click here
27-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Video Presentation Caesarean Section Dr.D.L.Swapna Click here
27-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Injuries around shoulder girdle Dr.K.Venkatesh Click here
27-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE ECG Basics Prof.Dr.V.Dharma Rao Click here
26-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Ovarian Tumor Prof.Dr.K.Subudhi Click here
26-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Cancer chemotherapy(Neoadjuvant chemotherapy principles) Prof.Dr.S.V.Kumar Click here
25-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Urinary incontinence Prof.Dr.C.Vijaya Kumar Click here
25-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Shock Dr.P.Avinash Click here
25-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Pleural effusion,empyema,pneumothorax Dr.K.Seethamahalakshmi Click here
22-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Induction of labour Dr.T.Radhika Click here
22-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Carcinoma Tongue Dr.P.Avinash Click here
22-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Injuries around hip Dr.S.Shyam Kumar Click here
21-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS Cerebral Palsy Dr.K.Nagarjuna Click here
21-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Ano rectal Malformations,Invertogram,meconium ileus Dr.M.Ramyasri Click here
21-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Heat and Environmental Diseases Dr.Tarun Kesava Naidu Click here
20-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS GBS Dr.V.Thrishi Sagna Click here
20-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Endometrial Cancer Prof.Dr.N.Rajashree Click here
20-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE HIV(Opportunistic infections,treatment of HIV) Dr.Ch.Sowjanya Click here
19-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Desmoid Tumor,Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Hormone Receptors Prof.Dr.S.V.Kumar Click here
19-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Genital Fistula Dr.D.L.Swapna Click here
19-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE HIV(Introduction to diagnosis) Dr.G.Jyothi Click here
18-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Bronchiectasis Dr.T.Pujitha Click here
18-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Breech Presentation Prof.Dr.C.Vijaya Kumar Click here
18-05-2020 GENERAK SURGERY Fluid & Electrolyte balance(Pre operative preparation) Dr.K.Siddhartha Click here
15-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Oral cancers Dr.P.Avinash Click here
15-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Heart Disease Complicating Pregnancy Dr.D.Mary Manjula Click here
15-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS AFP Dr.N.Jayalakshmi Click here
14-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Vitamins and trace elements Dr.p.Vijaya Lakshmi Click here
14-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Intussusceptions Meckel's Diverticulum Dr.M.Ramyasri Click here
14-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Pelvic fractures Dr.V.Sivani Click here
13-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Snake bite heat and environmental diseases Dr.Tarun Kesava Naidu Click here
13-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Spine Conclusion Dr.P.V.Rao Click here
13-05-2020 OBG & GYNAEC Genital Fistula Dr.D.L.Swapna Click here
12-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Cestodes(elaborate Cysticercosis & hydatid cyst) Dr.G.Lakshmi Click here
12-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Skin grafting,flaps Prof.Dr.S.V.Kumar Click here
12-05-2020 OBG & GYNAEC Ovarian Tumor Prof.Dr.K.Subudhi Click here
11-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Bronchial Asthma Chronic bronchitis emphysema Dr.V.Sailendra Click here
11-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Scalp,Peripheral Nerve Injuries Dr.K.Siddhartha Click here
11-05-2020 OBG & GYNAEC Multiple Pregnancy Prof.Dr.C.Vijay Kumar Click here
08-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Mouth Dr.P.Avinash Click here
08-05-2020 OBG Contraception Dr.T.Radhika Click here
08-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Polytrauma Dr.M.Somasekhar Click here
07-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Tissue dwlling nematodes(elaborate filariasis & guinea worm mainly) Dr.Akhilesh Maddu Click here
07-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS ICSOL & Hydrocephalus Dr.P.Kishore Kumar Click here
07-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Mediastinal Tumors Dr.K.V.N Ramesh Kumar Click here
06-05-2020 General Medicine Nematode classification and intestinal human nematodes Dr.K.S.Roshini Click here
06-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS Meningitis Dr.V.R.V.K.Kishore Click here
06-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Ectopic pregnancy-II Prof.Dr.N.D.Rajashree Click here
05-05-2020 General Medicine Tetanus,Anthrax Dr.Ch.Sowjanya Click here
05-05-2020 General Surgery Skin Tumors Dr.S.V.Kumar Click here
05-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Choriocarcinoma Prof.Dr.K.Subudhi Click here
04-05-2020 General Medicine Kala Azar Dr.A S Veeramani Kartheek Click here
04-05-2020 General Surgery Cleft Plate Dr.P. Avinash Click here
04-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC APH Prof.Dr.C.Vijaya Kumar Click here
1-05-2020 General Surgery Intra cranial tumors Dr.P.Avinash Click here
01-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Abortions Dr.D.Mary Manjula Click here
01-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS Coma Dr.S.Yasaswini Click here
30-04-2020 General Medicine Amoebiasis Dr.G.Jyothi Click here
30-04-2020 General Surgery TEF,HD Dr.M.Ramyasri Click here
30-04-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Bone and joint TB Dr.P.V.S.S.M.Jagannadham Click here
29-04-2020 General Medicine Malaria including cerebral malaria Dr.G.Lakshmi Click here
29-04-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Ectopic pregnancy Prof.Dr.N.D.Rajashree Click here
29-04-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Bone and joint infections Dr.V Sivani Click here
28-04-2020 General Medicine Fungal infection systemic symptoms Dr.P.Vijaya lakshmi Click here
28-04-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Vesicular Mole Prof.Dr.K.Subudhi Click here
28-04-2020 General Surgery Burns Dr.S.V.Kumar Click here
27-04-2020 General Medicine influenza,nosocomial infections Dr.Akhilesh maddu Click here
27-04-2020 General Surgery Head injuries Dr.K.Siddhardha Click here
27-04-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Sexually transmitted diseases Dr.D.Gouthami Click here
24-04-2020 General Medicine Viral hemorrhagic fever Dr.A S Veeramani Kartheek Click here
24-04-2020 General Surgery cleft lip Dr.P Avinash Click here
24-04-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Anatomy Dr.M Anupama Click here
23-04-2020 General Medicine Typhus fever,leptospirosis Dr.N Sunil Kumar Click here
23-04-2020 General Surgery IHPS,GOO Dr.M Ramyasri Click here
23-04-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Normal labour Dr.D L Swapna Click here
22-04-2020 General Medicine chicken pox,small pox,herpes,yellow fever Dr.M Harika Chowdary Click here
22-04-2020 General Surgery Chest Injuries Dr.K V N Ramesh Kumar Click here
22-04-2020 OBG&GYNAEC contraception Dr.T Radhika Click here
21-04-2020 General Medicine mumps,measles,rubella Dr.K.S.Roshini Click here
21-04-2020 General Surgery Burns Prof.Dr.S.V.Kumar Click here
21-04-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Diagnosis of Pregnancy Dr.K.Vijaya Lakshmi Click here