29-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS Review of Nutrition in children Dr.Sudhansu Kumar Das Click here
29-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Infections of Bones and Joints Dr.V.Sivani Click here
29-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE General Epidemiology(Descriptive Epidemiology-I) Prof.Dr.E.Ravi Kiran Click here
28-05-2020 OPHTHALMOLOGY UVEA-IV Dr.B.Anusha Click here
28-05-2020 ENT Anatomy of pharynx Dr.P.Srinivas Narasinga Rao Click here
28-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE National Health Programmes(Minimum needs orogramme & 20 point programme) Prof.Dr.P.Mohan Rao Click here
27-05-2020 OPHTHALMOLOGY UVEA-III Dr.B.Anusha Click here
27-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Genital TB Dr.D.Goutami Click here
27-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Statistics(Sampling Techniques) Mr.N.Hanumanth Click here
26-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Chronic Renal failure Dr.A.S.V.Kartheek Click here
26-05-2020 ENT CSOM-I Prof.Dr.M.V.Appa Rao Click here
26-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Epidemiology & Prevention of Tuberculosis-1 Prof.Dr.K.S.Karuna Murthy Click here
25-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Breast Dr.P.Radhika Click here
25-05-2020 ENT Physiology of nose & olfaction Dr.D.R.K.L.N.Raju Click here
25-05-2020 OPHTHALMOLOGY UVEA-II Dr.B.Anusha Click here
22-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS Vitamins Dr.P.Kishore Kumar Click here
22-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS Infections of Bons & Joint Dr.V.Sivani Click here
22-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE General Epidemiology(Measurement of Mortality) Prof.Dr.E.Ravi Kiran Click here
21-05-2020 OPHTAHALMOLOGY UVEA-1 Dr.B.Anusha Click here
21-05-2020 ENT Audiometry-I Dr.S.Niharika Click here
21-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE National Heal H Programmes(UIP) Prof.Dr.P.Mohana Rao Click here
20-05-2020 OPHTAHALMOLOGY Cornea-V Dr.A.Narasimha Rao Click here
20-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Antenatal care Dr.K.Vijaya Lakshmi Click here
20-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Statistics(Correlation & Regression) Mr.N.Hanumanth Click here
19-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Acute renal failure Dr.M.Harika Chowdary Click here
19-05-2020 ENT ASOM Prof.Dr.M.V.Appa Rao Click here
19-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Epidemiology & Smallpox & Chikenpox Prof.Dr.K.S.Karuna Murthy Click here
18-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Thyroid Prof.Dr.S.V.Kumar Click here
18-05-2020 ENT Anatomy of Oral Cavity Dr.P.Srinivas Narasinga Rao Click here
18-05-2020 OPHTAHALMOLOGY Cornea-IV Dr.A.Narasimha Rao Click here
15-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS Nutrition Dr.K.Nagarjuna Click here
15-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS CTEV Dr.P.V.Rao Click here
15-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE General Epidemiology(Measurement of Diseases) Prof.Dr.N.Uday Kiran Click here
14-05-2020 OPHTAHALMOLOGY Sclera Dr.Ch.Ramakrishna Click here
14-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE National Heal Programmes(RMNCH) Prof.Dr.P.Mohana Rao Click here
13-05-2020 OPHTAHALMOLOGY Cornea-III Dr.A.Narasimha Rao Click here
13-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC Gynecological Diagnosis Dr.M.Anupama Click here
13-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Testing of Hypothesis Mr.N.Hanumanth Click here
12-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE UTI Including Pyelonephritis Dr.N.Sunil Kumar Click here
12-05-2020 ENT Diseases of External Ear Prof.Dr.M.V.Appa Rao Click here
12-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Epidemiology & Prevention of Measures Prof.Dr.K.S.Karuna Murthy Click here
11-05-2020 GENERAL SURGERY Thyroid Prof.Dr.S.V.Kumar Click here
11-05-2020 ENT Endoscopic anatomy of lateral wall of nose Dr.D.R.K.L.N.Raju Click here
11-05-2020 OPHTAHALMOLOGY Cornea-II Dr.A.Narasimha Rao Click here
08-05-2020 PAEDIATRICS PEM Dr.V Trishi Sagna Click here
08-05-2020 ORTHOPAEDICS DDH Dr.M.Janaki Sree Click here
08-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Normal Distribution Mr.N.Hanumanth Click here
07-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Infectious disease Epidemiology Prof.Dr.K.S.Karuna Murthy Click here
07-05-2020 ENT Development & Anatomy of Larynx Dr.A.Chandrasekhara Rao Click here
07-05-2020 OPHTHALMOLOGY Cornea Dr.A.Narasimha Rao Click here
06-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Measures of central tendency and dispersion Dr.N.Hanumanth Click here
06-05-2020 OBG&GYNAEC PID Dr.D.Gouthami Click here
06-05-2020 OPHTHALMOLOGY Conjunctiva Dr.Sahiti Janaswamy Click here
05-05-2020 COMMUNITY MEDICINE Infectious disease Epidemiology Dr.K.S.Karuna Murthy Click here
05-05-2020 GENERAL MEDICINE Nephrotic Syndrome Dr.M.Harika Chowdary Click here
05-05-2020 ENT Development & Anatomy of Ear Dr.M.V.Appa Rao Click here
04-05-2020 General Surgery Thyroid Prof.S.V.Kumar Click here
04-05-2020 ENT Anatomy of Nose & Endoscopic anatomy of lateral wall of Nose Dr.D.R.K.L.N.Raju Click here
04-05-2020 OPTHALMOLOGY Conjunctiva Dr.Sahiti Janaswamy Click here