Campus Facilities

Institute campus consists of Medical College Block, Hospital Block and Residential Complex. The college block currently accommodate Dean's office and Pre Clinical and Para Clinical Departments of:

                 Forensic medicine
                 Community medicine
    The bove departments have the infrastructure and equipment as for MCI noms.
    Two lecture halls with 180 capacity with e-class facilities as for MCI noms.
    Examination hall with 250 capacity with cc-tv and mobile jamer.
               Animal house
               Faculty rooms
               Demonstration room
               Research laboratory
               Services laboratories
               Student laboratory
    Which are all as per the noms of MCI.

Sports facility for students

               Gymnasium for Boys and Girls separately in hostels.
               Indoor and outdoor game facilities are available.

Hospital Block consists of

    Casualty and Trauma Care
         Exclusive casualty department
         ICU and resuscitation facilities
         Emergency major and minor operation theaters
    OBG Block Incudes
         Forty Bedded Ward, Labor rooms and NICU for critical care of new born infants.
    Canteen Facilities for
         Patients and Attendents.
    Main Hospital Block consists of :
         Reception area
         Registration and pharmacy
         TB and Chest
         Dental specialties
         Blood bank
         Central Clinical Laboratories
    In Patients
         Hospital bed strength is 300 beds excluding intensive care areas.
         Surgery and allied specialties including burns wards.
         Five Major operation theatres and 2 Minor Operation theatres.
         Recovery and post operative wards.
         Medicine and allied specialties including 15 bed ICU , ICCU, MICU and SICU for intensive medical and surgical care.
         Pediatric Ward with 5 PICU Beds.

Future Plan

               One examinaion hall - 250 accomodation will be added.
               Two Lecture halls - 180 capacity will be added.
               Central Library - Will be shifted to the college building.
               Auditorium will be added.
               The hospital will be expanded to 650 beds to accommodate all specialties as per the broad frame work of MCI.
               Hostel accommodation for 226 students are provided as per MCI.


           A library of 2400 Sq.Mt. with 3200 Text books and 20 journals with 40 modes for e-library facility is already established delineating inside, outside and staff reading rooms as per MSR of MCI.